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This site is a way for me to share some of my pieces with the public. The language you often see me use is one of my own creation, the "Script" is a combination of multiple languages, and my own universal download of what shapes need to represent which sounds, through bouts of psychedelic induced synesthesia I came to creating both an Alphabet of my own and a tetragraph which allows me to manipulate my language into more complex sounds than the ones we are used to using in the english language. A Tetragraph is a squence of four letters used to represent a single sound, so even once my alphabet is released the Tetragraph is the true key for deciphering my script.

As of now no one has been able to decipher my alphabet, yet upon my passing both the alphabet and the code sequence for my tetragraph will be released to the public, for now I will leave you with one piece to the puzzle, the number 3 as in "T3" stands for both the numerical equivalent 3 and the tetragraph equivalent of "etra" T3 in my script stands for T etra.

                                      333 Keep your eyes shut, and your minds eye open 333